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Singing Made Simple
4 powerful training modules that teach you step-by-step how to develop a star quality voice.

  • You get INSTANT ACCESS to 4 video/audio modules containing 114 voice changing lessons from "coach to the stars" Roger Burnley. 

    The course is hosted in an online members area and can be accessed from any Computer/tablet/mobile phone in the world.
  •  Guaranteed to bring out your richest tone, dramatically increase your vocal range, give you incredible flexibility, and complete vocal freedom
  •  Used by grammy winning artists, platinum selling artists, broadway stars, movie stars, American Idol and X-Factor finalists
  •  Works for complete beginners who want to discover their voices, all the way up to pros who desire world class mastery.
  •  Regularly priced at $197 - Today only $147!
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Module 1

Creating Vocal Freedom
Remove the obstacles blocking you from your "dream voice"

  • How to move like lightning through the 3 stages of singing mastery: From “no clue at all” to “this is easy” in just a few short hours… and then on through “impress all your friends to the point your scare them”, straight to “ready for the stage”.
  • The easiest way to double your vocal range. (With at least 8 extra notes on top of your range, you’ll be able to dish out incredible high notes that will stun and amaze, causing audiences to erupt into thunderous applause)
  • 3 vocal corrections that instantly unwind every bad habit blocking you from your “star voice”. (These work even if your voice is completely “trashed” from years of singing with terrible technique)
  • Two warm ups all the pros use to get stage ready in less than 5 minutes. (Whether you’re entertaining your friends, spontaneously jumping up on karaoke night, or playing to a packed stadium, this routine will prime your voice to deliver a thrilling performance that will stay with your family, friends and fans for years)
  •  And much, much more
Module 2

Finding Your Best Voice
Discover your best tone quality, more power, more range...

  • A very simple exercise that will unleash star level quality instantly! (An astonishingly easy technique used by all the superstars… but unknown to 99% of other singers)
  • How to deliver an earth-shattering performance that lights the stage on fire and sends the crowd into explosive cheering and screaming
  • 3 secret tweaks you can make in your singing to instantly release your richest, sweetest sound quality. (Look out to the crowd and you’ll see hearts melting in front of your very eyes!)
  • A secret technique that will instantly lift the “weight” off your voice. (If you ever get tired or hoarse when you sing this technique will be a godsend)
  • My top-to-bottom method that automatically balances your voice, keeping it wonderfully relaxed and producing golden tone quality throughout your entire vocal range.
  •  And a LOT more
Module 3

Increasing Flexibility
Taking your voice to the next level

  • The secret to producing “melt in your mouth” angelic tone quality that attracts wide-eyed admiration and may even cause a few hearts to flutter!
  • Skip years of frustration by learning the ONE exercise that actually forces your voice to sing correctly. (In 2 minutes using this bizarre exercise, your inner star will emerge and you’ll be ready to drive audiences into a wild frenzy)
  • A 15 minute excercise routine that improves everything about your voice. Take your voice through this 2 times a week and marvel at how your singing becomes more flexible, more skillful, and more professional sounding by the day
  • Most teachers and singing courses turn “head voice” and “falsetto” into a confusing mess (these are two very different ways you can sing your high notes).

    In two minutes I’ll lift the fog and you’ll navigate skillfully between these two vocal qualities, injecting personality and style into your performance.
  •  And MUCH more
Module 4

Applying The Technique To Songs
Take your new voice and use it to thrill audiences

  • The results boosting “foundation principle” that guarantees you’ll develop at lightning fast pace. Put this to work and within 30 days and your friends won’t recognize your newfound voice.
  • My secret “ventriloquist technique” that allows anyone to develop pro level mastery. Singing will become so simple for you it’ll almost feel like things are a little too easy!
  • What is the biggest singing lie that teachers are preaching like gospel? This damaging technique will kill your voice, your singing career, and can even send you into the hospital.

    (If you ever get a sore throat after singing, please DO NOT continue to sing until you know the inside scoop)
  • Discover the “insider secrets” Grammy winning artists use to quickly become powerhouse vocalists leaving other singers scratching their heads, wondering why they don't sound half as good.
  • PLUS many more proprietary singing tricks


To make this Singing Package a real game changer, you also get the following 8 bonuses worth $1629 for FREE.

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Video Chat With Roger Burnley

Using a free video chat service you can join 25 weekly coaching sessions and have Roger Burnley personally help you take your voice to the next level.

Many top level singers believe Roger has the best ears in the business. The result of this is he can help you overcome vocal problems that have been plauging you for years, within minutes of hearing you!

Between the proven Singing Made Simple technique, and the video chats with Roger, lightning fast progress is certain.  

If you're unable to attend the video chat sessions, you can submit recordings of your singing and have Roger critique them, and give you feedback and direction to take you to the next level.  

With Roger's normal in-house rate at $300, this valuable bonus is conservatively valued at $1000. Free today only!

$1000 Bonus

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Performance POWER!

This program created by Roger Burnley will give you the skills to amaze and mesmerize an audience every time you hit the stage.

You will discover how to become more confident, charismatic, and memorable when you perform.

And you'll learn how to take the audience on a journey that they will remember for years to come.

This program covers performing on stage as well as performing in the recording studio. 
Free today only!

$97 Bonus

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Licks And Trills Mastery

Licks and trills or “vocal gymnastics” as some call it have always been the foundation of amazing style, and fascinating when executed properly.

In this program you’ll learn how to use 5 of the most dazzling licks and trills. These style techniques are fun to use, and add spice and irresistible style into your singing. 
Free today only!

$97 Bonus

bonus4 bullet

The Music Industry Professionals Series

Watch Roger interview key players in the Hollywood music scene and gain an understanding of the music industry like few do.

If you want to have success in the music industry these videos are required watching!

You’ll learn about music publishing, recording, legal, songwriting, performing, how the industry works, and much more.

To name just a few artists these industry professionals have mentored... Celine Dion, Kate Bush, Sir Cliff Richard, Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston, Air Supply, Aretha Franklin, U2, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones
Free today only!

$197 Bonus

bonus5 bullet

The Songwriting Genius Within You

Use the best selling songwriting course that’s been used by many hit songwriters, composers, American Idol finalists and more.

You’ll discover how to fully unleash your creative side. And once you do, you’ll begin writing the best music of your life.
Free today only!

$87 Bonus

bonus6 bullet

The Audition Workshop

This powerful program will help you to shine in auditions, but really it's about much more than that.

In this workshop you’ll discover what the difference is between singers who are quickly forgotten and singers who are remembered long after they’re gone.

You’ll then go through a powerful process that will help you extract everything that makes you a fascinating, memorable singer.

By the end you’ll have a blueprint in front of you that will show you the path to becoming a singer who is remembered for years to come.
Free today only!

$97 Bonus

bonus6 bullet

The Pro Singer's Warmup

In this popular workshop Roger Burnley takes you through the best ways to warm up your voice and get it in shape for a performance quickly.

It comes with included mp3′s you can load onto your smart phone to use before each performance.
Free today only!

$27 Bonus

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Instant Vocal Breakthroughs

Watch as Roger Burnley reveals the SIX biggest singing breakthroughs of his career. All of these discoveries were incredibly hard earned, in some cases a results of years of work.

These breakthroughs are largely responsible for Roger’s stellar reputation as “vocal coach to the stars”.

Each discovery is boiled down into a specific exercise or technique that can be applied straight away for instant results.
Free today only!

$27 Bonus


* Singing Made Simple is Normally $197  Today Only $147
* Receive 8 Bonuses Worth $1629 FREE!